Classroom Expectations

Rainbow Ladder that tracks children's behavior throughout the day

Over the years, I have tried many different behavior plans. The one that works the best for my classroom is the Rainbow Ladder and clips. This positive plan allows students to move up or down the ladder based on their behavior.

Each student begins the day on green and moves up or down depending on his/her behavior.

At the end of each day, students are rewarded tickets for the end of the day colors they receive.

The ladder shows how many tickets each child earns. The tickets are stored in envelopes until our shopping day on Friday.

At the end of the week, the students go shopping at our class store. They have the choice of purchasing toys, candy or coupons. Each coupon sells for 6 tickets. The coupons are always a big hit!

If a student is caught making great choices; e.g. following the rules, staying on task during the lesson, or remembering their manners, then their clip will be moved up the ladder.

Students can move up the ladder when they are caught doing something nice for someone else. This is called following “The Golden Rule.” This means they do nice things for others and in return have nice things done for them.

When students are making the wrong choices; e.g. not on task, talking on the carpet, hurting a friend, then their clip will be moved down the ladder.

“Think About It” is where students are given a warning for their inappropriate behavior. They will need to stop and think about what they did and how they can fix their mistake.

Students will be moved to “Reflection” if the inappropriate behavior continues. This is where students must face the consequences for their choices at school. This may be a time out in the classroom or during recess.

The last color on the bottom of our ladder is red and that is “Contact Home.” This is the last and final step to a student’s inappropriate behavior. The student will be taken out of the room, either to the office or to another classroom for a time out. The parent will be contacted immediately about their child’s behavior.

All during the day this behavior plan will be used with the children. Students have opportunities to improve their behavior and be ready to learn. This positive program will demonstrate to the students that they are responsible for their success in Kindergarten.